The Book Launch

The first launch event for the Changeling King took place at the Burnley branch of Costa Coffee yesterday. I was hoping to hold it in my home town, but things have been too hectic with work and studying. I set up in the farthest corner from the door, by the toilets. A few loyal friends […]

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40% off The Changeling King

This is a limited time offer that is running until 29 June 2012!!!! I’m already offering the trade paperback at 20% discount off the RRP on the Lulu website. Now Lulu are offering a site wide promotion with an extra 20% off. This means that you get to save 40% off the jacket price. Visit: […]

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The Changeling King in Print

That’s right. You read it right. The Changeling King is now in print and currently available from Lulu. It will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other good bookshops through Ingrams in a matter of weeks. If you live in Lancashire, England, look out for the various launch events I’m organizing. If you […]

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Constipation of the Mind

Those who follow my Facebook posts know that I’ve been out of action on the fiction front for a couple of months. I’ve been hard at work finishing off essays and my dissertation for my MA in Community Leadership. That’s done now and I graduate in about a month’s time. I may have been taking […]

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The armchair detectives amongst you will have noticed that the blog is now carrying the website address. There is a perfectly good explanantion for that, which I don’t want to bore you with, but here it is in three words “Microsoft” “Got” “Greedy”. Well, that’s the main reason. The other reason is that whilst the […]

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What’s in a Name?

The people who know me best, know that my real name isn’t Noor A Jahangir. Relax, I ain’t about to reveal my secret identity just yet. That doesn’t happen until at least season 3 of my life story. But one of my sister’s suggested that the story about how I came by the pseudonym was […]

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Kindle Bestseller!!!

  It was World Book Day yesterday and as a way of contributing to this worthy cause, I offered my book, The Changeling King, as a free download for the day on Kindle. I was blown away by the response! By the Grace of God, 398 copies of the book were downloaded, the majority of […]

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The New Blurb

You all know that I’m getting set to launch the print edition of The Changeling King, rocking the Paul Davies cover art. Being a bit of a tinkerer, I’ve redrafted the blurb (the bit on the back of the book) and thought I’d share it with you. As always, your comments are most welcome. So […]

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