The armchair detectives amongst you will have noticed that the blog is now carrying the website address. There is a perfectly good explanantion for that, which I don’t want to bore you with, but here it is in three words “Microsoft” “Got” “Greedy”.

Well, that’s the main reason. The other reason is that whilst the blog has flourished, the website has become static, stale, flacid. I’ve been thinking about the combining the two for a while and Microsoft gave me the final push to do so. So now there is no confusion. For all the good stuff about the Trollking saga, my writing journey and my book reviews, you only need to go to one place. Here!

One thought on “www.trollking.co.uk

  1. ok, so one year later and it still gets on my nerves that omer, zakarya and hikmat are mentioned in the forward….and oh no…no mention of me and my twin salma. we are soo disowning you big brother. how can you be so heartless??


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