I think people go through a cycle of phases, of doing things that they love, but really going at it for a while before lapsing for a while. Take me for example. I’ve been working my behind off for the last month on writing my Masters dissertation and have done no other writing whatsoever. Even my reading is all currently based around my research subject. The PS3 is also feeling neglected, even though I spent a solid two hours today on the multiplayer mode on Mass Effect 3. I watch a little tv in the evenings to unwind but that’s about it. Before the dissertation phase I went through a reading phase, where I worked through around ten titles in a couple of months; and before that I was slogging through the first draft of  Reluctant Hero (partially completed). I reckon, if I was to record what I’m doing and when, over a number of years, I’ll probably find a pattern emerging. Of course I would have to validate my claim by carrying out a longitudinal study of a sample of people … Excuse me whilst I put the academic back in his box.
But the point I’m making is that I’m not going to quit writing, although I may change the subject of my writing, no matter how long or how many breaks I take from writing. All I hope is that God grants me success and that you all bear with me as I make my way through my phases. Peace.

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