Constipation of the Mind

Those who follow my Facebook posts know that I’ve been out of action on the fiction front for a couple of months. I’ve been hard at work finishing off essays and my dissertation for my MA in Community Leadership. That’s done now and I graduate in about a month’s time. I may have been taking a break from fiction, but its not like I haven’t done any writing. I must have clocked in around 35,000 words since April, which works out to half the length of The Changeling King. If I could maintain that kind of output, I could finish a novel every four months. Alas, I have been struck down by the oldest of maladies to afflict an author; writer’s block.
My brain has become so geared towards academic writing that it seems to be struggling to generate fiction writing. Or perhaps, having worked so hard these past few months, my mind has decided it needs a holiday. I can’t really afford to be taking holidays. I’ve promised a book to Kube Publishing and I doubt they are willing to wait indefinitely for me to be inspired. Also, I’ve got my first ever book signing gig booked in Burnley, 3rd July 2012, at Costa Coffee, in the town centre. I’m doing a promotional discount of £2 off when you buy a coffee during the event. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Burnley. I’m planning to do a number of events in Lancashire and one in Manchester, courtesy of Zahid Hussain of Manchester Muslim Writers.
So, if you got any remedies for the constipation of the mind, please leave a suggestion either here or on my Facebook wall and help me get back into gear.

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