The Book Launch


The first launch event for the Changeling King took place at the Burnley branch of Costa Coffee yesterday. I was hoping to hold it in my home town, but things have been too hectic with work and studying.

I set up in the farthest corner from the door, by the toilets. A few loyal friends and Zakarya made up my initial entourage. The signing started quietly with only passing interest from the cafe’s customers, mostly because of the empty tables in my section. The Costa staff ushered would be squatters away quickly. Half an hour later I did the first ever public reading of the Changeling King, which you can watch at YouTube. A few people were attracted by my (compelling?) performance and bought a book.
One of my entourage dragged a couple of guys in off the street, who bought three copies between them. The close of the event was even quieter than the start. The staff at Costa could have been more helpful in promoting the launch, but then I’m grateful that they let me use their space. Eight books all in all. Since then I’ve flogged another five at meetings I’ve attended. Let all my acquaintances be warned … There’s a book with my name in it waiting for you.

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