Children’s literature and woke culture

So apparently this is a thing now. Aside from the fact that the original article (see below) was printed in the Spectator, I kind of found myself nodding in agreement with the thoughts expressed in it. I’m all for diverse voices and commentating on social and political issues through fiction, I hate it when a novel gets preachy. For me, the story is king. Everything else, including character development, is a secondary consideration. Take the Changeling King as an example. The characters are mainly white (on the England part of the story) but there are a few Asian characters too. Not because I needed to shoehorn them in, but because it fit with the story. The characters backgrounds link to current social issues without passing judgement. There are strong female characters there as well as manly men. Again, it’s because that’s what the story required. Anyway, read the original article below and make your own mind up. Children’s literature has become horribly right-on.

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