Education providers have been closed down today for the foreseeable future. I’m a lecturer and my wife works in a primary school, so effectively we are home now for at least next 3 months. Furthermore, three of us in my household are high risk for the virus, meaning we have underlying issues that could become complications to recovery id we were to catch COVID 19.

I’ve decided to try and blog everyday for the sake of sanity and perhaps to provide readers something to compare their own experiences to.

It’s been a sad day for a number of reasons. First, I will not get to say goodbye to at least three of my classes who progress to university this year. Some of them I have taught for two years. Second, my community read their last Friday prayer in our masjid before it closed for social distancing purposes. Most annoying is that it will affect my research study for my Doctorate. Most bittersweet was saying goodbye to my parents and my brothers, whom I normally see every day. I pray that I will see them again

Looking at the silver lining, this will give my opportunity to grow closer, deepen our connections with each other and with God Almighty. That, or we’ll end up killing each other and saving COVID the job.

I’ll be posting daily about how I’m coping and look forward to your stories and comments.

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