I slept in today. I woke up at 10am and vaccumed the house whilst the missus saw to breakfast. Homemade pancakes served with chopped strawberries and a little caramel sauce. After, we watched an episode of Masterchef with cups of coffee in our hands.

In the afternoon I used Google Hangouts to teach an A-level Sociology class that I deliver on a voluntary basis. We wasted 15 minutes getting everyone on and working out all the functions. It was pretty good actually. I was able to share my screen and switch between my PowerPoint and the chat window. Group work was a fail so I’ll probably stick with directed questions. Afterwards, one of my students confessed that he had struggled to engage without having a teacher there in person. I managed to make it through the lesson without a migraine, which is something that I have been dealing with since the concussion.

The five daily prayers have become a focal point for the family. It gives our days a structure and it really just feels lovely to be praying together, making isolation a blessing in disguise. In the evening we read together from a book that provides motivation during hardships and guidance for those who seek it.

The evening meal was an event in itself. Dauphinoise potatoes with roast chicken. We ate to our fill. Another blessing. The chicken had been sent by my mother on our first day of self isolation. I video called her to thank her, to show her the food and that we were happy and well. Happy Mothers day, mum.

After dinner, I rang one of my younger brothers up to see how he and his wife were doing. He is in one of those critical roles so has to keep going to work. I pray for him that God watches over him and all the other critical staff who are treating the sick and protecting us from our worst selves. I also rang my brother in law who is recovering from what probably is Covid 19 and has quarantined himself. He’s pretty strong and healthy so he’s come through it well.

A message to my fellow Brits and to those in other countries dealing with the same crisis. Self isolate as best as you can. Stop panic buying food. Show some love for our emergency services and NHS workers. God-willing we will make it through this.

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