Our Prime Minister has just announced some additional measures. Apparently people haven’t been taking self-isolation seriously. This has forced the PMs hand. There are some really selfish people out there, but at the same time there are many good people too.

One of those good people lives in my community and has been putting himself in harms way to help the most vulnerable people, including handing out 200ml of hand sanitiser to them and organising food collections for them. May God bless him and watch over him.

Standards have started to slip at home. I didn’t change out of my pyjamas all day! 😲 My kids had there first day of distance learning via the auspices of the interwebs. My daughter had an exhausting day in front of a laptop and was understandably a little out of sorts.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been watching as much television as I normally do. Our daily schedule of cooking, cleaning and praying coupled with making sure the kids have everything they need for learning (and that they are actually learning) seems to leave little time for anything else.

I have been keeping abreast of the news and am astonished at some of the stories coming out. This is already the deadliest viral outbreak in living memory, and yet people are flocking to open spaces (e.g. Snowdonia) or packing themselves into tube trains. Its not going to be so much survival of the fittest, but rather the demise of the thickest.

I’m going to try and spend more of my time constructively but am currently still limited by my concussion. I did manage to spend an hour writing a lesson for my sociology class, but that’s it.

Today’s highlight was a video call from my niece. She will hopefully be starting uni later this year. She is one of those people that have the effect of cheering people up. We’re all just sad that we couldn’t force her to isolate with us. But it was great to see her cheeky face and listen to her gushing about the latest crap she bought from Amazon.

As always, leave a comment and share how you are coping with being cooped up at home with family.

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