As the human race is ravaged by a new type of virus, slowly our planet seems to be coming back to life. The levels of pollution over major cities is reducing. The water in ports and rivers is starting to clear up. Aquatic wildlife is being seen in places that would have been unexpected just a few weeks before. Birds are soaring in the clear skies above airports.

The streets in English towns have grown quiet and the motorways are almost reminiscent of scenes from 21 Days Later. Just the odd stubborn commuter and the hopeful shopper making their ways cautiously to their intended destinations.

I think we’re beginning to settle into this new routine and pace of life. The kids started studying on time without being told. I cleaned another corner of my front room, discovering a whole box of copies of The Changeling King. There was also a folder with some old greeting cards, including one from 2002, when I left my job at the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College Bookshop on graduation. I remember the cappuccino I had on my last day, in the brand new Costa, with a carrot cake muffin and a slice of cheesecake đŸ˜‹.

Maybe the world should have a couple of weeks every year when we slow the pace right down. Close the factories, the offices and the schools; give public transport, in fact all transport, some time off; and allow our planet to just breath. Take in some sun in your gardens; talk, really talk, with your family and enjoy the feeling of being alive, healthy and loved.

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