I dreamt I had long glossy hair. Waking up to see my bald head in the mirror was slightly traumatic.

I saw one of my younger brothers today. I asked him to drop a parcel off to the post office and pick up a few essential groceries from Tesco. I left the parcel in the vestibule and then greeted him from two meters down the corridor wearing workmen’s goggles and aiming a soft archery bow and arrow at him. He laughed, took a picture and the parcel.

One of the items he brought back for us was a packet of New York Cinnamon Bagels. We fell on them like a pack of wolves and nearly polished the whole packet straight away. A person can survive many things, but 5 days without Bagels is more than a civilised man can handle.

Today was Day 3 of the spring clean. It was finally time to tackle my desk. I had letters, bills and statements older than my teenaged kids stacked up in various piles, as well as the odd payslip and P45. It took all afternoon to shred everything that had personal information on and five carrier bags of paper ended up in the recycling. We still have the rest of the front room left to finish.

Today’s highlight came when a new app popped up on our smart TV; Disney+. It has every Marvel cartoon on, including the animated Spider-Man from the 90s and the X-Men cartoons too! I’m going to especially savour watching The Mandalorian with the kids.

There was some bad news too. One of my Doctorate classmates has Covid-19 and has lost her sense of smell and taste. Also, a friend of a friend of my sister lost both her parents within an hour of each other today. Shortly after hearing this terrible news I got a text from telling me to stay indoors and isolate myself. To date, Covid has killed over 400 Brits. The threat is real. Stay home, stay safe.

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