Sun is in the sky, you know how feel. You can’t help but feel good when the sun is out and there are blue skies for miles.

Bonus content: Covid doesn’t do so well when it’s hot out. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to keep people in doors when the sun’s out. People be heading out to the great outdoors, the beaches, basically any open space they can spread a picnic blanket out.

Every celebrity from across the political, sports and entertainment fields (bar a few misguided souls) is telling people to stay indoors and help slow down the spread of the virus. Even the Police here in Blighty have started issuing fines to those flaunting the lockdown. But people can be stupid, anf and our leaders are sending mixed messages out about the allowance for exercise.

Speaking of exercise, we finally got around to including exercise into our day. My son and I played some soft archery in the backyard. The missus had a go too. She seems to have a knack for it despite her unconventional methodology.

Later in the day I joined my wife and daughter in some more formal “exercise”. The range, variety and level of difficulty of exercise sessions offered by numerous YouTube channels is amazing. We started with 10 minutes of gentle pilates warm up. Some randomised body weight exercises followed for 20 minutes. Finally, we finished with 5 minutes of yoga stretches cool down.

I got some more work done today, as well as some reading. I’m currently reading Superman: Savage Dawn and a novel called The 13th Witch. Mind, Body and prayer for the soul.

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