Breaking News! Our new printer came today. Being the tech savvy dad that I am, I rolled up my sleeves and prepared to set it up with a fist full of usb printer cables and turned my laptop on. Turns out it didn’t need my laptop on … Nor did it need any usb cables, switch boxes or LAN cables. Just my phone. I scanned a QR code, downloaded an app and got walked through the procedure. Install cartridges, put paper in, print test page. It took another 10 minutes to find it on the three computers. Just to be a rebel, I downloaded the printer drivers and bloatware that normally came on an accompanying CD-ROM. It finally dawned on me that the age of the tech dad is over. Technology didn’t outpace my ability to understand it. It just became simple enough for millennials to work out.

Two of my younger brothers went shopping for us today. Just the essentials again. Milk, bread, fruit, battered fish fillets and a frozen pizza. The kids still don’t get the concept of rationing. Every hour is marked by one of them visiting the kitchen. They drink milk like their worried it may go out of fashion tomorrow.

My healed brain can now take me playing video games, so I spun up Unchartered 2 Remastered and sunk two hours into it. Later, I watched the third episode of Mandalorian. Baby Yoda is irresistibly cute.

On a more sombre note, Britain has now exceeded 1000 dead from COVID 19. There is nothing more dehumanising than all those parents, grand parents, sons and daughters, husbands and wives being reduced to a number. I wonder if those people will get permanent memorials. Will there be a day each year we mark their passing? Perhaps it would sink in more if their names were read out by the Prime Minister (who has also been infected) or by the Home Secretary. Maybe more people would take it more seriously. May the Almighty have mercy on their souls and on us all.

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