I count David Farland as one of my teachers. I’ve never met the man in person, nor spoken to him on the phone or via video call. I have corresponded with him by email though. I even helped with a little research for one of his books, which I later test read too. However, the real reason I count him as one of my teachers is because for the past 15 years or so I have been receiving a daily (kick) update from him on the craft of writing.

A few years back I decided to go back into education and since then my writing has been limited to academic projects. I got busy with the career change and stopped reading the daily tips from Mr Farland. Today, I suddenly felt the desire to read his latest post.

Mr Farland often talks about audience analysis and trying to fulfil the readers needs. At the moment people are depressed with all this COVID news and look to fiction for an escape. They’re not going to find escape in fiction that focuses on epidemics or even blog posts about the epidemic for that matter.

My wife tells me that people must like reading my blog because they want to compare their own experiences of these trying days with mine. I don’t think you want to read about how many people have died. You’re probably already getting that from the news 24/7. So maybe I should write about normal everyday things or maybe I should provide some distraction from the horrors outside that door.

Do you really want to hear about my day? I had a few meetings then wrote a lesson about how ethnicity plays a part in our identity. The holidays start from tomorrow and we are being told that it’s unlikely we go back to college after Easter. As a student of pedagogy and androgogy, I find it interesting how we have had to adapt our teaching approaches to whatever technology is currently offering.

I video-called my mum today (as per usual) with a cup of coffee and two biscuits in hand from what she sent yesterday. That put a smile on her face. She then promised to send some sweet rice over. 5 minutes after that arrived, my mother in law sent a bag of fruit with 6 pints of milk over too. Mothers are the best, right?

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