I almost forgot to post today. It’s been a lazy day. Got up at 7.50am and made some hot chocolate for the kids. A few hours later (11ish) I made pancakes from a mixture my missus made the night before. I served them up with a strawberry compote.

After afternoon prayers I jumped on Division 2 and did some solo excursions, exploring a tunnel and then some side passage that led into the sewers and eventually into an elite stronghold.

Dinner was kebabs wrapped in roti. I’ve had heartburn since then. The missus and I did a 30 minute yoga workout following 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. It helped loosen up my chest and shoulders but now my thigh muscles are killing. You can find the first episode of that work out here:

I’ve started a petition on for my campaign to have two weeks each year during which industry and travel is shut down to allow the planet to breath and recuperate. You can sign it too at

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