Hassleback Potato

Thus ends the week of the potato. It started with curried aloo matar. Then came the jacket potatoes and battered cod. Next was the day of roast chicken with potato wedges. Finally, the week has come to a close with Hassleback Potatoes served with tuna mayo, sweetcorn and chopped cucumbers. Hopefully, we’re back to plain old roti and curry from tomorrow.

My family are doing well self-isolating. We’re all antisocial so a few weeks away from the rest of humanity is no big deal. However, I think we would all perhaps prefer to do it without anyone else around 😂.

The petition to save the world goes slowly. It’s had 230 views so far and 36 shares, but people seem reluctant to sign it. Like they’re worried someone might accuse them of wanting cleaner air, cleaner water and a diverse eco system. If you haven’t done so already, please follow the link and sign:

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