COVID DIARY: DAY 24 Missi Roti

Posting a little later than usual today on account of some serious heartburn. That’s possibly down to all the fine foods I consumed this evening. It started with my wife making missi roti, something that her grandma used to make for her when she was a kid. It’s a blend of gram flour and chapatti flour, finely chopped onions and various spices. Next my dad dropped off some halwa that my mum made. Then my wife’s mother dropped off some homemade gulab jaman. Diabetes Alert!

I clocked the third Uncharted game (again), completing the Remastered collection. The ship scene in that is as iconic as the train scene at the opening of the second game. I’ll start the 4th game tomorrow to conclude this lockdown trip down memory lane.

I watched Yesterday this morning. I think @Hawthorne would love it. Recorded a lesson for my sociology class. Spoke briefly to one of my favourite nieces. That was pretty much it for me.

Oh, and don’t worry about the epic heartburn. I had some Gaviscon (even though it feels like swallowing the phlegm of the undead crone from the Evil Dead).

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