The problem with taking time off from work or studying is the build up of cobwebs in the mind. The cobwebs are figuratively the blockages that prevent the free flow of thoughts and ideas. It’s that wooliness you experience when you get back to whatever it is you do. You start procrastinating and finding useless things to take up your time.

Talking about cobwebs, a former work colleague and friend once said to me that cobwebs are different from spider webs. She clarified her point by suggesting that cobwebs are made by cobs and not spiders 😂😂🤣. Cobwebs are spider webs that have been abandoned and no longer maintained by their arachnid residents.

After 30 minutes of yoga, I managed to procrastinate all morning, doing bits of cleaning and gaming. Deliveries from Royal Mail and Amazon were welcome opportunities to engage strangers in conversation. The postie was pleasant as always, but the amazon guy just dropped the stuff and headed off immediately.

In the afternoon I sat down and managed to write a few slides before I got a call from my niece. I always enjoy speaking with my nieces. They have a way of lifting my spirits. However, this gave me another opportunity to procrastinate. I had to leave my desk for a short while, but when I came back to it, my son had slipped into the room and switched on the playstation.

In the evening I took part in another online lecture by Dr Simon Watts, this one on writing effectively. Again, there was no thunderbolt moments, but I still managed to note down a couple of interesting points on positioning yourself in relation to the texts being reviewed and being clear from the beginning what outcomes you are working towards.

By this Friday it will have been a month in isolation. I really hope that the boffins find a vaccine soon because I want to get back to going to the masjid. It’s a sad thought that we may not even get to do the Eid prayer together as a community this year.

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