COVID DIARY: DAY 28 Admiral’s Pie

It’s always a good week when you get to have Salmon more than once. One of life’s greatest luxuries is the Admiral’s Pie my sister-in-law makes. She sent a whole pie for us (admittedly I ate more than my fair share of it) and it was dropped off by my niece (bonus). It was delicious as always and full of chunks of salmon and cod.

The day started as normal, getting out of bed bleary eyed and waking the kids up for school. Breakfast was a toasted hot cross bun each. I did some studying, wrapping my head around the concept of social justice and its role in education.

In the afternoon we worked out, following another HASFit video for the main workout and FitnessBlender for the warm up and cool down. Thr HASFit videos are good for family workouts because they demonstrate both the standard method and the slightly easier versions too.

In the afternoon I did some more adventuring in Uncharted 4. After that I did a video call with my mum and my one of my sisters.

I get the feeling that it’s unlikely schools and colleges are going to fully reopen anytime soon. Ramadan is just a week away and there is only two months (tops) of teaching left for HE classes. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to say goodbye to my students in person.

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