COVID DIARY: DAY 29 A Changing World

The lockdown goes on. It’s been 4 weeks since my family went into isolation in situation. Some news agencies are fanning the flames of discontent by suggesting that the lockdown may last 18 months. Other’s have suggested that we could have 6 waves of COVID next year. But then they have news to sell, so pay them no mind.

In terms of vaccines, we are probably still 18 months from getting a safe vaccine in amounts that will protect the population of the UK and the rest of the World too. So it’s clear that we cannot wait for a vaccine before things start returning to a life resembling what it looked like before COVID.

That’s right. Just as I suggested at the beginning of the lockdown, COVID 19 is being referred to in the same sense as 9/11, a paradigm shift in how we think of the world. There is now a sense of what the world was like before COVID 19 and already there are suggestions that we should not completely go back to that way of life.

A YouGov poll has found that many people do not want to see a full return to the way of living pre-COVID. More than half of those polled said that they had noticed the air was cleaner to breath. People have seen an increase in wildlife and have felt a greater sense of community. Further, they report that people are getting in touch with friends and family more often and feel healthier and stronger than before. One thing that stood out in the poll was the change of attitude towards food.

I can relate to many of those sentiments. I video call my family more often, touch base with my friends. I have a better work/life balance, spend more time in prayer and have actually lost weight. But I recognise that it is more difficult for young people, especially those that have to now spend hours in front of a computer for learning. It’s difficult for mature students to get work done whilst they have parenting duties too. It must also be incredibly difficult for those individuals that don’t have a support system and rely on study and work for social contact.

I hope that our leaders look at this data and realise that the world has changed. I pray to God to guide them in reinforcing the positive changes in attitudes and take on the challenges that our shared global future holds.

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