COVID DIARY: DAY 46, Borrowed Time

Let’s face it, we’ve been living on borrowed time. Coronavirus was a pandemic waiting to happen. People like Bill Gates have been warning us about something like this for nearly a decade. We need to wise up, because this isn’t the only potential global disaster looming over us.

Ever since we mastered mass transportation (trains, ships, planes), the world has been shrinking. It took Phileas Fog 80 days to go around the world, but Branson can get you there in under a day. Computers and the Internet made the world even smaller.

We have spread through the entire world, bringing industry and activity where ever we make landfall. We have harvested every resource, harnessed the seas, the wind and even the sun to fuel our works. We have become a cancer in our destructive drive to overcome, conquer and master the land, the seas, the air and that which lies beyond them too.

If coronavirus didn’t emerge wd would have still been wreaking havoc on the earth today too. However, it has temporarily checked our path; temporarily. What comes next? The complete melting of the polar caps? The extinction of key species upon which ecosystems depend? Or the fracturing of the planet in our need to mine out everything that is useful and precious, and deeper still the fossil fuels that lie beneath ocean beds and deep beneath the earth’s crust.

We have been made custodians of this planet. So far we have been derelict in that responsibility. Wake up humankind.

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