COVID DIARY: DAY 41, Insomnia

Insomnia and Ramadan aren’t a good combination, but with the disruption in sleep patterns they do often go hand in hand. I slept about 4hrs before sehri (pre-dawn meal) but struggled to fall back to sleep after the morning prayer.

I spent an hour trying to sleep before giving in and went downstairs. Even the slow shuffling pace of Season 10 The Walking Dead failed to send me off to sleep. I started work early, did a stack of marking before our department meeting and then course team meetings took place.

My Head of School told me to go catch a catnap after the meetings. However, my wife insisted we do half an hour of pilates before I turned in for the siesta. Blissfully, I drifted off after 15 minutes of ignoring the world. An hour later I got up and back to work.

Being in lockdown doesn’t help with sleep patterns either. A lot of my colleagues were complaining that young children and pets kept them up to. I guess it’s going around.

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