Does anyone remember these things that people used to wear on their feet? They had all sorts of names for them: shoes, boots, moccasins, wellies, trainers, sneakers, heels, platforms, pumps, high tops, mules, cloggs and even crocs.

People were strange back then. They’d wear shoes to go to work. They’d come home and put trainers on to go run. Then they’d come home and put a different pair of shoes on to go out. When their feet hurt they’d change to some deck shoes. When it rains they’ll put on wellies to go walk the dog. Isn’t life much better now?

Wake up with bare feet. Bare feet in the bathroom. Bare feet on the stairs. Bare feet in the living room and in the study. Maybe some slippers on the kitchen floor tiles and flagstones of the yard, but definitely bare feet for the lawn.

Maybe one day I’ll tell my grandchildren about the time when people used to go outside and wear these things call shoes on their feet.

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