COVID DIARY: DAY 56, Pyjamas

In the not too distant future people are going to be talking about the time before pyjamas. When people used to wear uncomfortable things like trousers, pencil skirts, blazers and ties for work. Then they would come home and wear slightly more comfortable things like jeans, or evening wear to go out.

Luckily the Great Pandemic at the beginning of the 21st Century taught us the error of our ways. We discovered the ubiquitous nature of pyjamas. We didn’t just wear them to bed anymore (like we did in backward times). We wore them to all meals (not just breakfast and midnight snacks). We exercised in them in front of the tv. We sat in front of our computers in them whilst video conferencing. We studied in them, hypothesising how much greener it is just to wear pyjamas instead of all other clothing types.

One day in the future (when lockdown finally lifts for good) our children will walk down high streets and marvel at the strange items displayed in shop windows. They will whisper to each other, “Is this what people wore a long time ago?”

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