COVID DIARY: DAY 348, The Vaccine

Yes, the title seems slightly misleading, but its not. Clearly, I am still alive and have managed to avoid Covid so far (in all its different mutated forms).

I have played with the idea of pranking the Internet by playing dead, but eventually came to the conclusion that no one actually reads my blog (other than family) therefore, there really is no point.

There are a number of vaccines now available for Covid-19. The two main ones in Britain are the Pfizer one, which was first to market, and the AstraZeneca one (also known locally as the Oxford one). Over a quarter of Britain has been vaccinated and more are done every day.

Yesterday, I had my first jab of the latter. I recieved as I am deemed high risk due to my diabetes and being an Asian male over 40 (pretty much doomed). There were no immediate side effects other than a little pain around the area of the jab. About 3am I woke up with a cold shoulder. Around 3pm I started to feel a little achey in my bones. I’ve been self medicating with paracetamol (as advised).

So, lockdowns are normal now. As are Teams/Zoom meetings. I’ve been teaching all my classes online as of January 2021. This is what 2021 looks like at the moment.

Schools should be reopening. This is the acid test for the reopening of society. If the infection rates star climbing, then we slow it down by more home schooling. If it continues to drop, who knows what could happen. I’m talking crazy stuff like being able to walk down the street to see my mum indoors. I’m talking going to our favourite dessert place and eating in. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

2 thoughts on “COVID DIARY: DAY 348, The Vaccine

  1. I’m a little worried about all schools opening as like normal tbh. Because although young people like myself are unlikely to become too unwell from covid, they can still spread it to others. And it isn’t exactly easy to control social distancing etc

  2. True. I too worry that young people and teachers are being thrown under the bus a little for the sake of the economy. I’d prefer 100% vaccination and 0 R rate before lockdown ends fully. But the worry is that there may not be too much of a society remaining to return to.

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