COVID DIARY: DAY 356 Back to School

It’s been over a week since I got vaccinated. No further side effects beyond the cold shoulder and the flu(ish) symptoms for a day. I feel well (overweight, but well). The vaccine seems safe enough to me.

I’m still shielding but the rest of the family is back to school. My son has gone back for the first time since the first lockdown nearly a full year ago. Suddenly he’s into learning again and is regretting all the slacking off during online learning. I think a lot of students are going to regret the time they’ve wasted or lost.

People are hopeful that this is the beginning of the return to full normality. However, Professor Chris Whitty is already warning to prepare for another spike in infections come late summer or in autumn. This is the riskiest time, with people tired of lockdowns and social distancing and freedom tantalisingly in sight.

Keep keeping safe. Take the vaccine if it’s offered to you, maintain social distancing and look out for the most vulnerable in your families.

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