Christmas Message

So . . . 2011 . . . What a year, right? The year started with funding cuts and job losses in the public and third sector, with only the Royal Wedding to distract us and lighten the mood. Natural disasters seem to have become a permanent annual fixture. News of a single, white, male […]

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It’s All Too Much?

Do you every get the feeling that you may be doing too much? Writing is the one thing that I would say I love doing the most, and yet of late I haven’t been putting fingers to moulded plastic keys as much as I should. I’m working on a new novel and the plot has […]

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The Pendulum of Hope and Despair

There are days when you feel you can conquer the world with nothing but your good intentions and willpower. Other days, you could have the world’s collective might at your fingertips and think, ‘Oh, what’s the point?’ As a writer, especially a self-published writer who is struggling to raise his head above the quagmire of anonymity, […]

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Transformers, Tablet in Disguise

My family and friends will know that I’ve been drooling over the range of android 3.0 tablets that have been coming out the past few months, especially the Asus Transformer, which has a neat party trick of turning from a slick tablet device into a netbook by docking directly into a keyboard base unit, which […]

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One Month Later

Okay, so that title doesn’t sound as catchy as 28 Days Later, but that would be lying and for an author of fiction, lying is suicide! The purpose of todays blog is to share with you how The Changeling King and my other titles on Smashwords (The Dvargar of Amundborg and Trial by Fire) are […]

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Writing Good Dialogue Part 1

For a narrative writer, dialogue is perhaps the most challenging thing to write effectively. I have been accused by the Brothers’ Anwar of writing cheesy dialogue, so this is something I have been looking into. I’ll give you an executive summary of what I’ve learnt. Every character has something that they want. This works at […]

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