The inevitable happened today. After a whole day of self-isolating, my wife decided it was time to spring clean the living room. 😟

Breakfast was toast with scrambled eggs. I mixed in some spring onions, half a green pepper and a whole chilli (seeds included).

A video call with my big brother and both of my sisters was a welcome distraction from the spring cleaning. The conversation descended into literal toilet humour that had us laughing our backsides off.

Later I spent a couple of hours on the Playstation with my clan on Division 2. The longest I’ve played in three months due to a concussion sustained in December from a fall.

Our living room is once again a family room now. We pray together there, we eat together there and we also played a game of Option (some weird spinoff of Scrabble) there.

Tune back in tomorrow night for another installment. Thank you for reading. 🀲🏽

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