It’s been nearly a full week since we went into isolation. Shock, we haven’t killed each other yet. In fact we’ve all been quite civil with each other.

We eat together and we pray together. We occasionally sit down and watch something on the box together. Most of the day the kids are doing their school work and we’re doing our own thing. The routine is what seems to be keeping us chilled out.

I have noticed that we seem to eat more often now. I think its more to do with staving of boredom. I got a feeling I’m going to put back on the three kilos I struggled to shed since January. Oh well. We’re going to have to work in some kind of exercise regime.

I got some uni work done today. Ethics application for my research study. I’ve done work before but normally the concussion migraines follow any prolonged efforts. This is good news as it means I’m healing.

I just finished watching the second episode of the Mandalorian. It kind of sucks that Disney didn’t just give us the whole series. Instead they want to draw out the only real reason most of us have bought a subscription. I think most of the world has already pirated it. The honest folk are being punished for our patience. The Mandalorian is good and yes, baby Yoda is very cute, but its not the best Star Wars has to offer so far. Hopefully it will get better as we watch more episodes.

In England, some of the police forces are stopping cars to check why the driver is travelling. Unless you’re working a critical role you can now expect a fine. Breaches of the lockdown can also result in ab arrest.

In other news, the ozone layer is repairing itself. More evidence that cutting CO2 emissions and increasing recycling is having a positive effect. Another argument for my proposed annual two weeks of being grounded.

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