COVID DIARY: DAY 30 and 31

I took a break. Sue me. Its now been a full calendar month in lockdown. The only sun we’ve had is in the backyard. I spent an hour lounging on some cushions, the sun freckling my face as I read Superman: Savage Dawn.

My wife and I have been working out with dumbells following HASFit on YouTube all week. Yesterday she decided to hit it hard. We both ended up with knotted muscles. I took my second long soak of the year. Normally, I’m a bucket and jug kind of guy. Water conservation is important to me. I was fine today, but she’s still stiff and sore 😂. We did a recovery day workout with FitnessBlender on YouTube to work out some of the kinks.

I recorded my last sociology session today for the AS course. The thing is I’ve already submitted the predicted grades two weeks ago. I had hoped to give my students a treat to celebrate the end of a year of evening classes, but the lockdown has blown those plans.

We started today with pancakes, served with a berry compote made at home (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry). We ended it with baked, homemade churros (pictured above) served with a chocolate dipping sauce. The missus tried out various shapes and sizes to see what works best in our oven.

A month of our lives has passed. As prisons go, this one is quite homey and comfortable. We got cable, streaming services, wifi, PS4 and books that will last me a year. But then this world is a prison of another kind, and the only escape is when we take our final breaths. Will the place we go to be better or worse? Depends entirely what provision we send ahead of ourselves; prayers, fasting, charity and our good deeds.

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