COVID DIARY: DAY 32 Back to Work

No I haven’t broken the lockdown. I’m still working from home. Our Easter holidays are over and we’re back to teaching.

Today’s lesson was on resilience. Is it inherent or does it develop over time? Do you have more by passing through adversity or by having a good, stable upbringing? The jury is out on the first question, but I believe, as with many things, it’s a mixture of both nature and nurture. For the second question, ideally you need a balance of adversity and safety and stability. Too much adversity can break a person inside, too much codling can leave a person unprepared for the realities of life.

I also attended another online training lecture delivered by Simon Watt of UEA. This one was about Academic Publishing. For most part it’s similar to traditional publishing but it has its own red tape and strange subculture. Things like Impact, Research Excellence Framework and Open Formats.

I may have also over indulged in cake. But that’s a story for another day.

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