COVID DIARY: DAY 33, 15 Years of Dadhood

Today it seemed that the world was at our door. Knock after knock. Various parcels, gift and food drop offs. Our mums are keeping us well-fed with all the grocery drop offs and the occasional servings of good food.

We did the regular things today as well. The workouts, work and school, prayers and family meals. But today was a special day. 15 years ago today I was sitting anxiously in a hospital waiting room, whilst my mother sat with my wife in the delivery room. I watched as one anxious, expectant father was called away by the nurses and then another, and then another, until I was the last one in the room. I heard the cries of women as they went through the worst pain a human being can endure and tried not to let my fears for my wife overwhelm me. I asked the nurses for news a couple of times and was told crossly to go sit in the waiting room and they’d come call me when it was time. When I did eventually get told that I could go in, my daughter had already been im the world for over an hour. I went straight to my wife to ask how she was. She looked exhausted but exultant, like someone who had fought a war and won. Then I saw her. Thick, curly, black hair, almond shaped eyes surrounded by long lashes brushing round cheeks. I fell in love instantly.

It’s hard to capture the emotions you go through when you first enter parenthood. For me, it was that desire to protect, nurture and shape her into the best person on Earth. It felt like I had discovered my purpose for being. She was the sun, my wife and I were the planets orbiting her. After that moment, everything I would do (other my daily prayers) would be for her. That is the meaning of dadhood.

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