COVID DIARY: DAY 35, Ramadan Begins

It is the first night of Ramadan. A month full of blessings and opportunities to accrue virtues. During this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This entails refraining from eating, drinking and cohabitation with one’s spouse.

The reason we fast is simply to gain the pleasure of the Lord Almighty. There are many benefits of this month. Physiologically, fasting is good for the body, helping refresh the cells and detoxing the body. It regulates insulin and allows internal organs to recover. Socially, it makes us more conscious of suffering and food poverty. During this month Muslims give to charity as much as they can, to both local and international causes. We send food to our neighbours and to our extended family. Mentally, its a time of reflection and attempting to better your conduct and behaviour. Spiritually, it’s a time to deepen your connection with God and increase in all forms of worship.

This year is going to be my son’s first full Ramadan of fasting. We have began to read from a book by one of the greatest scholars of the last century on fasting and intend to make reading from it part of our daily routine.

What makes this particular Ramadan so bitter sweet is that we lost our spiritual mentor and leader several months ago. For the last few years he would do a daily live podcast that thousands of his disciples and followers would tune into each day. Furthermore, one of the nicest things in Ramadan is to break fast communally in the masjid with food shared by various people. Another communal activity was the night prayers that would be attended by around 100+ people each day.

May God grant us the nobility to see through this month in the best way and allow us many more Ramadan to come.

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