COVID DIARY: DAY 36, First Iftar

This year, like every year, we endeavoured to eat simple, light food for iftar (breaking of the fast). As usual the first iftar saw our tablecloth laden with food. We made aloo tikkis and mint chutney at home, with a pineapple crumble and custard for dessert. We also had pilau rice, pakoras and sweet rice from my mother in law too. FAIL.

I did some studying in the morning. Watched a video of Professor Chamaz on Grounded Theory. I also recieved an email from College to say that I had won the Lecturer of the Year award. ✌🏽

In the afternoon we attempted some exercise. We started with a resistance band core workout, which we abandoned after my band slipped from my feet and whacked me on my backside. We then did a pilates session with a Malaysian lady on YouTube (, 30 days of pilates for Ramadan. I couldn’t do half of the moves because of my bad knees.

I spent half an hour sitting in the sun reading from the Quran. I got a little baked so I went in. It took 5 minutes before my eyes adjusted.

Overall, it was a decent first day of fasting. Now it’s time to turn in for a few hours before sehri (meal before sunrise), my belly full of juicy pineapple crumble.

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