Over 20,000 dead in UK hospitals as a result of Coronavirus. Its hard to comprehend what that number means. Think of it like this; on average we each meet 20,000 across our lifetime. So, to put it into understandable terms, imagine every person that you have ever met and that you may yet mean have all died. That’s what 20,000 dead means. Now add to this all the people who have died in care homes or at home (we don’t even have a number for that). And then add the thousands that die every week as a result of not being able to receive the treatments or operations they need because all available resources are being channelled to dealing with the virus. Only then do you start comprehending the full horror of what we are going through as a country; nay, what we are going through as a world.

Despite this, people are still making ridiculous trips to beauty spots or heading out for picnics, or even roaring around in their cars because the roads are clearer than usual. What that will mean is more deaths, more front line worker fatalities, and much, much longer lockdown.

Next year when the 2021 census data comes out, I wonder if it will reflect the thousands dead. I wonder if the idiots who spread the disease by disobeying the lockdown rules will take responsibility for the deaths on their heads.

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