COVID DIARY: DAY 39, A Typical Day

What does a typical day look like for me at the moment? Well it starts at 3.15am. I wake up first and wake everyone else up. I go down and prep sehri (breakfast). Some days the missus does it, most days its me. After breakfast we brush our teeth and do wudhu (ritual ablution). I lead the morning prayer. The kids head to bed and me and the missus read the Holy Book for around 20 minutes before heading back to bed.

I wake up again at 9.30am. I wake the kids up for class and head to the bathroom. Afterwards, I go switch on my laptop and check in with the head of school. I work until 12.15 and then call the missus down for our daily workout. 20 minutes of pilates and 10 minutes of dumbell exercises. A quick shower and then back to work.

After work (around 4pm) I sit with my wife outside in the garden and read some more from the Quran. Then it’s time for a couple of hours on the playstation (currently playing Jedi Fallen Order) before reading for another 20 minutes.

Around 5pm, we pause whatever else we are doing to do the Zohar (afternoon) prayer. I spend about an hour hanging out with my son before it’s time for the Asar (mid-afternoon) prayer, after which we read from a book on spiritual guidance for about 10 minutes. Then we chill until sunset.

At sunset we break our fast (Iftar) with dates and then dive into whatever food has been prepared that day. Today it was sticky rice, humus and chutney. For dessert it was homemade blondies (pictured). After food we read Maghrib (sunset) prayer.

We have about half an hour then before the night prayer (Isha). As part of Ramadan we perform an additional marathon prayer (known as the taraweeh), which my son and I lead. Once all the prayers are finished, the kids head to bed. Me and the missus enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and then time for bed.

It’s a pretty full day. I try and spread my worship out through the day so that it is like a thread of gold through the otherwise mundane fabric of my life. To achieve balance we must see to the needs of our mind, body and soul.

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