People I know are seriously ill with COVID 19. How many people now have said that? It really drives the reality of our current situation home. In the UK we marked the passing of front line workers today with a minutes silence and then a round of applause for those who are still working against the disease.

Applause and silence seem poor recompense for what these people are giving. Even the £60k award to the families of NHS staff who have died doesn’t sit well. I’m sure the government could do better than that. How about £60k, all debts settled and no taxes for life. How about some of the same for those front line workers who survive Covid. A stay granted for you and your family, your taxes wiped out and your debts paid.

Let’s not forgot the police officers, firemen, postal workers, supermarket staff, dustbin men and women, street cleaners and everyone else that is risking contracting the disease just to keep this country running? They too deserve recognition at the very least and some gesture from the government. How about a refund of all taxes paid whilst working during the outbreak for starters?

It is important that once this crisis has been averted that we scrutise what we did right and we did wrong. The government needs to be held accountable for a lack of leadership at the start of the pandemic. We also need to learn from this how important immigration is to the running of our country; also, how crucial maintaining the NHS is and not to undervalue the contribution of labour provided by key workers throughout our country’s infrastructure. We also need to recognise how much we have gained from this new lifestyle. The time we have recaptured that isn’t wasted in commuting, the relationships and friendships that we had taken for advantage. We also need to recognise the damage that we have been doing to the environment and how much it has recovered simply from us curtailing our wastefulness and our activities.

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