COVID DIARY: DAY 58, Schools Stay Shut

The UK government is pushing hard for schools to begin a phased reopening. They say its because its really important for kids to develop social skills (people aren’t going to work because their kids are at home) . They say they are worried for kids from low income families (working class kids) because school may be the only safe space for them (working class parents are all abusive and neglect their kids). They won’t force parents to send their kids (middle class parents have the Internet and their kids’ schools are better equipped for online learning). They are even thinking about using school buildings for summer school (we need the working class’s labour otherwise the country stops). The government will continue to furlough workers (we’re going to tax the working classes more whilst they work so middle class families can get furloughed and companies that can afford it don’t have to).

Schools will enable kids to socialise better by sitting in boxes drawn on the playground floor. They will engage in group work by sitting six feet apart. And we thought Guantanamo Bay was only for guilty until proven innocent alleged terrorists. Now we are expected to put toddlers in Guantanamo style schooling.

5 thoughts on “COVID DIARY: DAY 58, Schools Stay Shut

    1. I’m taking a sociological perspective and looking at who benefits from low income families returning to work (and risking their lives). Many of our Black and Asian brothers and sisters fall within this category and make up the bulk of those who have died from the virus.

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